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iPOTT IKV is a Martech (Marketing Technology) services company, providing Knowledge & Advisory services for marketing in the Digital World. 

Innovative Mindset

Internet & marketing online is continuously evolving. We evolve with it daily. New tools, new strategies & a smarter way of working makes us innovation freaks!

Automation Adopters

We firmly believe in doing more using Technology. Automation helps us reduce time to execute and deliver quality services.

Digital Thinking

The digital mindset is one of relentless forward progress. We drive change that is uncomfortable but most needed. We attempt to think of Digital in all areas of marketing.

Communication Specialists

Communication in the digital world is not about good English. It is all about words that can grab attention and get the audience to take action.

We stop at nothing

Things can go wrong. Hardware fail, software crash, etc., We accept it and, then we do all it takes to bring the situation on track.

We Love To Explore​

AB testing is not enough for us, so we do C, D, E F…Z testing. (Just kidding). We explore every new tool & try new strategies.

We Take It Step-By-Step

We have well defined & sequence for the execution of the Project. And it has worked. So we don’t mind repeating it.

We Keep It Simple

Our work methodology is really really simple.  But the complications to get to this simplicity is a lot of hard work, automation & process validation.

Your objectives. Our strategy.

We Believe in exceeding expectations

We work with a philosophy #digitalmarketingisdead

Today companies have no other way to go, but digital. Digital marketing is now a part of any marketing plan & budget.

We should no longer be talking about ‘Digital Marketing’ but marketing & succeeding in a Digital World –


Our Journey so far...

The Launch

iPOTT was launched in 2004 as a consultancy firm helping firms in the Selection, Evaluation & Implementation of software applications. We analyzed digitization needs, selected the software suitable in the new setup or existing setup, evaluated the software to be procured, and implemented the selected software. Over the years our focus & specialization was around enterprise & financial applications.​

Market Place

In 2009 iPOTT portal was launched. A unique, unbiased platform for software product companies worldwide to reach their target markets. The portal offerings included offline & online go-to-market strategies. Some of the popular and noted services included ‘Software On Wheels from iPOTT', ‘Snail Mail Campaigns', ‘Ad-Apt’ Campaigns, 'Social Media Campaigns', etc.​

Growth Phase

iPOTT received funding (PE) in 2011. During this growth phase, iPOTT expanded its Services into niche verticals like “Enterprise Asset Management", “Intellectual Property Management " etc. resulting in large EAM implementations. iPOTT also launched a knowledge management wing to handle services like Trademark, Copyright and Patent etc.

The New Niche

In 2014 iPOTT launched “end-to-end Asset Management service”. iPOTT consolidated the Enterprise Application expertise to focus on a niche vertical Enterprise Asset management. iPOTT entered into an agreement with Infor for the Implementation of its Enterprise Asset Management.


The investors were associated with the company till June 2016. In 2017 iPOTT as a company re-validated all its service offering. This was required due to changes within the company and external market conditions.

Moving online

Taking advantage of the learning over years, some services were killed, some modified and some new ones devised. iPOTT strategically moved all the service offerings online. The revamping and relaunch of knowledge & advisory services commenced in 2018.

... iPOTT as of now!!

iPOTT IKV is a Martech (Marketing Technology) services company, providing Knowledge & Advisory services for marketing in the Digital World.

Meet the founder

A firm believer of Luck

More smart work, more of Luck 🙂

Purnima Varadrajan

Entrepreneur by Heart | Digital Marketing Enthusiast | Blogger | Traveller | Speaker

Purnima Varadrajan launched multiple business under the brand iPOTT. iPOTT is a registered trademark owned by Purnima.   

Purnima Varadrajan, a first-generation entrepreneur, is the founder of iPOTT. She was heading Finance, south operations, for a Swiss company-SGS India Limited- for 7+ years, before launching a consultancy firm. Her entrepreneurship journey is now 20+ years. 

She Launched iPOTT in 2004. As part of the journey, she headed the implementation of a number of Financial and vertical ERPs, has evaluated a large number of software applications for various clients, especially in the ERP, EAM & finance verticals. During this period Purnima gained special expertise in a niche vertical Enterprise Asset Management.  

While formulating Go-To-market strategies for software companies listed on ipott.com, she has worked with 1000’s of companies.  Digital Marketing was added as an area of expertise during this period. 

She believed in playing in niche areas that are not a cluttered market. Decisions in venturing into new business verticles and decisions to kill services are all based on this thought process. She ensured that iPOTT should never be a me-too player and never be a we-will-do-it-all service company. 

She bootstrapped all her ventures.  iPOTT brought in Private equity in 2011.  She exited a couple of business verticals when the investors disassociated with iPOTT.

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