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Search advertising (also known as Search Engine Marketing or SEM) is an option for companies to position paid ads on the ‘result page’ of popular search engines like Google & Bing, to get immediate traffic.


Best applicable to target a keyword/s related to the brand / website / product / service etc.


Social advertising is a very popular paid option for companies to generate traffic/leads/conversations etc., by positioning ads on popular Social networking websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.


Best applicable to market a specific service / product / event/ etc.


Content Advertising is a variant of online marketing in which high-quality content is distributed via regular paid advertising channels. Content can be in the form of posts / videos / podcasts/ etc. The publishing can be on various channels like YouTube / Instagram / etc.


Best applicable to market a blog post/ write up / whitepaper / e-book / course etc.


Video advertising is another very effective paid method to market online to a targeted audience. High-quality videos can be used to increase user engagement. The publishing can be on various channels which allows Video ads.


Best applicable to market product demo / training / service intro etc.

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