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At iPOTT, we believe that the realm of digital marketing has evolved beyond its traditional boundaries. In today’s digital-centric landscape, our philosophy “#digitalmarketingisdead” echoes the reality that digital marketing is an integral, inseparable part of any robust marketing strategy. It’s no longer a separate entity but the very essence of modern marketing.

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  • #TopicTuesdays, a weekly series dedicated to unravelling the complexities of marketing in this Digital World.  Please click to read. 
  • This or That Thursdays: Every Thursday, we’ll present you with two marketing statements or scenarios that often ignite debate or curiosity. These could range from strategies like “Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing” to trending topics like “NFTs in Marketing: Fad or Future?” We will delve into the nuts and bolts of each, analyze their pros and cons, and present you with actionable insights. Please click to read. 
  • Read to Lead: The Weekly Spotlight: We think this weekly book feature will be really helpful for you and your audience. In today’s world, where there’s so much information out there, having someone pick out the best books for you can make a big difference. We can’t wait to hear how this new weekly book feature helps your team and your readers get better at marketing and sales. Please click to read. 

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