PART 13 – How to Find Your Ideal Customers?

⭐PART 13-THE WHEEL STORY⭐ Yes, I know there has been a break to the Wheel Story. Actually a digital detoxing was needed. 😁😊  

The narrative of the wheel can be followed here. 

Max completed his first sale, at last.  He didn’t expect it to take as long as it did.  The journey, though, taught him a lot.  He now had a pretty distinct image of his ideal client.  He was certain that before making his next move, he would need to spend some time on the fundamentals.

He recalled the moments when he was certain that everyone was the target market for his invention, the wheel. thankyousellingthewheel-digitalmarketingisdead-activity-6852179169590280192-HHVI?utm source=linkedin share&utm medium=member desktop web

Although he was aware that he needed to clearly define who would be his ideal client, he also understood that, eventually, perhaps, everyone would be a client for the wheel. So now he needs to decide on his current point of focus. The enthusiasts, Visionaries & Pragmatists. 

[ In the modern world, there is a well-known technology adoption lifecycle with five stages. The phases describe how a new product or feature is accepted by customers. 

The traditional normal distribution, sometimes known as the “bell curve,” is typically used to represent the adoption process over time.

Agricultural scholars Beal and Bohlen first outlined the demographic and psychological (or “psychographic”) features of each adoption group in 1957.

These were the five stages.

➡️ Innovators had larger farms, were more educated, more prosperous, and more risk-oriented. – THE ENTHUSIASTS
➡️ Early adopters were younger, more educated, and tended to be community leaders. – THE VISIONARIES
➡️ Early majority were more conservative but open to new ideas – THE PRAGMATISTS
➡️ Late majority were older, less educated, fairly conservative, and least socially active – THE CONSERVATIVES
➡️ Laggards were very conservative, had small farms and capital was the oldest and had the least education – THE SKEPTICS

This model has subsequently been adapted for many areas in the late 20th century. ]

Any business that wants to expand into new markets or bring a new product to an existing market will benefit greatly from using this methodology. 

✅ The optimum consumer profiles can be easily determined using this methodology. 

✅ This methodology makes it simple to create profiles of your ideal clients.

The ‘innovators’ will give you the first breakthrough and the “early adopters” & “early majority” should be the main focus of all your marketing and sales efforts.

Now back to Max.  

Along the route to his first sale, Max had a list of questions. These inquiries will assist him in creating his “BUYER PERSONA (BP)” and “IDEAL CUSTOMER PROFILE (ICP)”.

Grab a notepad and a pen ready to jot down your relevant business-related answers. 

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