Max sold his wheel

⭐PART 12-THE WHEEL STORY⭐ (Do follow the wheel story

After the demo, Max felt certain that he had closed the sale. 
He had mentally prepared himself to answer and persuade with a “reason to buy now” justification. 

The Quarry owner gave Max a contemplative look and said, “I have no doubts that your wheel will help me sell far and wide and I am willing to go ahead and place an order for 4 wheels” he then paused “but….”  

Max did not allow him to finish his sentence. Max said with confidence “I would like to suggest you buy a minimum of 14 wheels.”

The Quarry owner looked surprised ” 14 wheels all at once?  Why are you proposing that?”

Max had made observations at the quarry over the last few days.  He made careful note of it.

✅The Quarry was massive, with men working at the very bottom, mostly muscular men. One group of men worked hard to break enormous chunks of rocks. The first batch of rocks had no discernible shape.

✅There was a second group of workers who pared the rocks to give them a shape.  Some of the large blocks were shaped into rectangular slabs and others into smaller blocks. 

✅There was another group of muscular men who lifted the blocks and slabs, carefully without damaging them, to the quarry’s upper surface. 

That is when Max realised the Quarry owner would be faced with a massive demand-supply problem. Carrying the slabs to the surface took longer and was more challenging.  There will be a resource gap.  

Max began to think. This gap will delay the use of the Wheel for transporting. 

It was at this point a thought occurred. 

If his new invention, the wheel, can move heavy objects on the ground surface, why couldn’t they be used to pull heavy objects up?

What is the reason for his invention’s limitations? Why can’t his wheels move up and down if they can move forward and backwards? 

What’s to stop him? Max found a solution. 

The quarry owner asked Max again “14 wheels? Also, I think I will have a supply issue, you see..”

Max cut him short again and beamed 🌟“I am going to give you a pulley”🌟

“A what?”

“A-Pulley, just like the wheels are going to help you move huge loads to faraway places, the pulley will help you lift the load from the quarry pit to the surface”

Max went on to explain how the wheels can be used to pull or lift huge objects. He had drawn an illustration to explain the working of a pulley. 

The Quarry owner looked at the drawing wide-eyed. He had no words. Max has solved his supply issue. But will the pulley work? The quarry owner was willing to risk it. 

Max then explained the logic behind 14 wheels “2-3 smaller wheels for the pulley, a pair of wheels for short-distance movement….”  

The quarry owner cut him short and said “Max, get me the 14 wheels with the axels. Set up the pulley for me…I would like to see it work”

👉 Max has given the Quarry owner a “reason to buy now” and thus Max made his first sale!



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