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Increase Brand Awareness

Frog Jump is a proud launch from iPOTT.

Launch offer
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Frog jump is a series of services focusing on the most critical aspect of any business; Demand Generation & Lead Generation.

Frog jumps are bit and byte services that will help you take your first hop, jump, or leap. Frog Jumps will enable move prospects from suspects to leads. 

Here is the first Service, ‘WARM HOP’. Warm Hop is the first step into the Demandgen process. It focuses on ‘warming up’ activity to capture the attention of the prospects.

The objective of ‘Warm hop’ campaigns is to, 

  • Increase the visibility of the brand /product/service. 
  • Grab the attention of the prospect using multiple touchpoint strategy
  • Increase brand recall 

 If this is your objective, too, just hop in.


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