How to MARKET and WIN for FREE in the new Digital World !!

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A series on

“How to MARKET and WIN for FREE in the new Digital World.”

It will be a series that talks about various aspects of the online world and how to play effectively in it. This series will be highly beneficial for solopreneurs, small businesses, and enthusiasts who want an understanding of marketing in the digital world. (In other words, I am trying to say “everyone on this planet earth”) 

Guess what, one of my most favorite pass times in recent days is to counter every sentence which talks about digital marketing.   

In the words of @KeithWeed of #Unilever, “We should no longer be talking about ‘digital marketing’ but marketing & succeeding in a digital world.”

 Let’s start with the why…

Why should the line between marketing & digital marketing be erased?

For centuries our buying decisions remained in a similar state and didn’t change much. As per research conducted in 1958 at Harvard, there exists three-wide varieties of social influence

1.    Compliance is when people appear to agree with others but keep their dissenting opinions private. You could take an example of how generations obey and follow the buying decision of family and close circles.  

2.    Identification is when people are influenced by someone who is liked and respected, such as a celebrity.  The reason behind every large company using stars to market products. 

3.    Internalization is when people accept a belief or behavior and agree both publicly and privately.   i.e General knowledge, dairy products are excellent, sugar is terrible, kinds.

This kind of influence system existed till a few years back till the internet came into existence, followed by all the online sites, including social media, which took over as primary influencing factors for decision making.

Cambridge University study of 2017, says,

“The study proved that customers believe in other people’s opinions when it is available on the internet. It means that customers’ behaviors are not only influenced by friends and family anymore but also by unknown people on the web & social media.

The internet has changed the marketing equation. Digital is now part and parcel of the marketing strategy and marketing budget.

With all the above being said, don’t you think you should be joining me to counter the word “digital marketing”? 

All right, now let’s buckle up for a week over week “How to MARKET and WIN for FREE in the new Digital World” series.  

[By the way, the content check tool says, my writing is very formal 🙁 (really?). No, I don’t intend to…promise I will handle this allegation in the next article.]

Till we catch up again…

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