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What's Online Presence Engineering?

ONLINE PRESENCE ENGINEERING SERVICE  is a Comprehensive Audit followed by complete Implementation of various strategies to enhance the online presence & to achieve the objectives defined.  

The OPE spans over 6 different areas of online marketing works with a 6 stage strategy and a AAT Model.  OPE takes advantage of advanced technology to deliver desired and defined objectives. 

The OPE framework

The Online Presence Engineering service consists of a 6 step process strategy comprising of  AUDIT – ACTION PLAN – IMPLEMENT – IMPROVISE – MONITOR –  MEASURE.  This strategy covers 5 areas in the  Digital Landscape -SEARCH ENGINES – SOCIAL MEDIA – CONTENT – EMAIL – ADS.  Every project starts with a comperehensive audit which helps segment the website / product / app etc., in one of the three phases – AWARENESS – AUTHORITY – TRUST.  This AAT model sets the basis for stategy to be implemented.   The process, tools & techniques come into play once the strategy is finalised.   

Implementation strategy

Areas covered in the project

6 Stage Strategy

AAT Model

Process as per defined strategy

Tools & Apps to execute strategy

Techniques to reach desired objectives

Tricks to win in the online landscape

Why OPE ?

OPE benefits

Why should anyone opt for a OPE service?  The formost benefit is being associated with a full service online marketing company which can handle all areas related to the increasing the online presence of your comapny. 

The top 10 benefits listed below to answer the why?  The % represents the weightage given for the line item during the project. 

Starts with your objective
Plays in your target market
Focuses on your dream clients
Revolves around your brand
Reaches your target audience
Checks on your competation
Works around the benchmark
Follows your moods & tones
Hilights what is not working
Handles all nuts and bolts of Online Presence


What gets measured?

METRICS are quantifiable variable that can be measured to track performance of the project

Key performance indicators are metrics that directly indicate progress of project towards objectives

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