CSVKiller for Mac

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To converts various tabular data formats into CSV.

Sold By: Romanysoft LAB.
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CSVKiller for Mac,  Vn. 1.14.1205,  from Romanysoft LAB. is compatible with Mac & OS X – Macintosh

CSVKiller is a very good tool, I strongly recommend that you use.

By CSVKiller, you’ll never need to use expensive Excel, csv data to deal with, of course, Excel can not effectively handle * .DBF, *. Fixed, *. Json, *. Geojson file and the ability to deal with these data CSVKiller is quite powerful, and fast processing speed is amazing.

Key Features:
(1) supports drag and drop file operations
(2) support for internal file type detection judgment
(3) non-blocking data processing
(4) support *.dbf,*.fixed,*.json,*.csv,*.xls,*.xlsx,*.geojson file type

FAQ: https://github.com/Romanysoft/CSVKiller/issues
Email: app.romanysoft@gmail.com


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