MarkdownD for windows

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MarkdownD is a markdown editor built for speed,simplicity,and security.

Sold By: Romanysoft LAB.
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MarkdownD for windows,  Vn. 3.7.4,  from Romanysoft LAB. is compatible with Windows Vista & Windows 7

Markdown has become very popular, even codeplex, github are in use.
Markdown accustomed to the graphical user interface editor, MarkdownD use is very simple.

1. Support Standard Markdown / CommonMark and GFM (GitHub Flavored Markdown);
2. Support Real-time Preview, Preformatted text/Code blocks/Tables insert, Code fold, Search replace, Multi-languages, L18n, HTML entities, Code syntax highlighting…;
3. Markdown Extras : Support ToC (Table of Contents), Emoji, Task lists, @Links…;
4. Support decode & fliter of the HTML tags & attributes;
5. Support TeX (LaTeX expressions, Based on KaTeX), Flowchart and Sequence Diagram of Markdown extended syntax;
6. Support import/drag/save file.
7. Support auto save, auto restore file.

Open File (Support importing files)
Drag File (Support drag files)
Save File (Support save files)
[*]Increase of 5 documents(If you need to edit more documents, then you need to increase the support for the number of simultaneous document editing in this manner. Once per purchase, while editing the document number 5)
[*]Auto save (Support auto save feature)
[*]Auto Restore (Support auto restore feature)
[*]TaskList (Editor support github task lists)
[*]Emoji (Editor support Emoji)
[*]atLink (Editor support atLink)
[*]emailLink (Editor support emailLink)
[*]FlowChart (Editor support FlowChart)
[*]SequenceDiagram (Editor support SequenceDiagram)
[*]Tex (Editor support Tex)
[*]Toc (Editor support Toc)
[*]CodeFold (Editor support CodeFold)
[*]HTMLDecode (Editor support HTMLDecode)
[*]Style Active Line (Editor support Style Active Line)
[*]Line Numbers (Editor support Line Numbers)
[*]Search Replace (Editor support Search Replace)
[*]TOCM (Using [TOCM], auto create ToC dropdown menu)



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