SoftXpand Duo

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SoftXpand Duo allows 2 home users share a single PC and work independently.

Sold By: SoftXpand Systems Ltd


SoftXpand Duo,  Vn. 1.1.5,  from SoftXpand Systems Ltd is compatible with Windows 7 &


 2 users sharing 1 computer

Now, for the first time ever, you can use just
one computer

– Play co-op games with your friend or spouse

– Stop the kids from constantly fighting over the computer.

– Play a new game and watch the walk-through at the same

You don’t need an additional computer!

Just connect 2 monitors, 2 keyboards and mice to your
computer, and install SoftXpand.

SoftXpand is a Multi-Seat software that will turn
your computer into 2 independent workstations:

– Supports full video acceleration.

– Supports most gaming platforms, such as Steam, Origin,

– No lags while two users are playing at the same time.

A 20-day free-trial is available for download – just
click the link below.

To activate your copy of SoftXpand, just purchase a license
key on this website, and it will be emailed to you immediately.

What SoftXpand users say about it?

Better listen to Matt, a long-time SoftXpand user from
Florida, USA: Click

There are plenty of user-made videos on YouTube, showing how simple
it is to use at home.

SoftXpand is useful for almost any applications: you
can run any design software such as Photoshop/Autocad/SolidWorks, while using
the "other" computer for reading emails or socializing with friends.

How to apply SoftXpand Duo?

1. Connect another set of Monitor, Keyboard and a mouse to your PC/laptop.

2. Create another user account on Windows.

3. Disable your anti-virus during the next 2 steps.

4. Download and install SoftXpand Duo from the link below.

5. After reboot, follow the instructions on the screen, for
assigning keyboard/mouse to each workstation (one-time process).

7. If you need 2 separate audio channels, just add a USB
Audio Adapter (available on ebay for $5).


1. At this stage, SoftXpand Duo is only compatible with
Windows 7 32/64 bit. A version that runs on Windows-8 will be announced in a
few months, upgrades will be offered free of charge to users of SoftXpand.

2. As for now, only keyboards and mouse can be assigned to
specific users. Game tablets will be "seen" by both users.

3. If you are heavily into gaming, consider adding a second
video-card to your PC, for maintaining high FPS-rates.

4. Please review MiniFrame’s Online Knowledge Base for
instructions how to use SoftXpand with Steam and other popular games.



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