Raise Brand Awareness.

Your First Step Into Demandgen.

Give your brand much-needed visibility & grab the attention of your Prospects.  



Demand generation focuses on targeted marketing programs to drive awareness and interest in a company’s products or services. When you can provide valuable information to the right audience at the right time, you can increase awareness and demand for what you sell.  


Take the first step – ‘Warming UP’ –  i.e., CREATING AWARENESS. 

is the service  that helps create awareness

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Right Platform

You have to be where your prospects are. To reach a B2B prospect, the apt Platform is LinkedIn. The 'Warming Up' starts with LinkedIn profiles.

Multiple touchpoints.

Studies show 6-10 touchpoints are needed to get the attention of a prospect. Warming up uses 15-30 touchpoints to be in front of the potential customer.

Right audience.

Identifying the potential customer is the first step towards creating awareness. From LinkedIn, potential customer profiles will be filtered & cleaned for 'warming up.'

Automated & User-friendly

The daily reach is 150-200 potential customers. An interactive dashboard provides an overview of the week's 'warming up' activities.

Who is it for?

This service will be most suited for:

  • B2B companies who have products/services with a shorter sales cycle
  • B2B companies who have products/services with a smaller deal size
  • B2C companies that cater to a niche audience
  • B2C companies with a high-end product/service

Ready to hop?

Increase Brand Awareness

Rather than focusing on selling your solution, demand generation creates awareness of a need.  Take the first step – ‘Warming UP’ – Creating awareness. 


WARM HOP is the first step into your Demandgen process.  

WARM HOP? What exactly?

Wikipedia says Demand generation is the focus of targeted marketing programs to drive awareness and interest in a company’s products and/or services. Warm Hop is the first step into the Demand Generation process. It focuses on ‘warming up’ activity to capture the attention of the prospects.

Will it work for me?

Warming up will benefit every vertical of business and any size of the company. But the maximum benefit will be derived by the following companies – 

  • B2B companies who have products/services with a shorter sales cycle
  • B2B companies who have products/services with a smaller deal size
  • B2C companies that cater to a niche audience
  • B2C companies with a high-end product/service

How does it work?

Your target audience is on LinkedIn, and they are searched and filtered. We will carry out various activities to position the brand in front of the audience. Like

  1. Profile visits – multiple sequential visits
  2. Post likes – one to many posts
  3. Endorse your first connection- one to many skills
  4. Ask your first connections to follow your company page
  5. Follow profiles of your prospects

What are the limitations?

We follow very rigidly the limits set by LinkedIn. Depending on the popularity of your LinkedIn profile and the number of existing connections, we perform 100-250 activities per day. i.e. a whooping 7500 activities per month. There will be 15-30 touchpoints per profile.

What do I get to see?

  1. Post likes, endorsing, following profiles are directly visible on LinkedIn
  2. An increase in company page following will be due to the “follow company page” activity.
  3. Profile visits can be seen as there will be an increase in “people who viewed your profile.”

What is the campaign objectives?

The objective of ‘Warm hop’ campaigns is to 

  • Increase the visibility of the brand /product/service. 
  • Grab the attention of the prospect using multiple touchpoint strategy
  • Increase brand recall value
  • The ‘warm hop’ will be the first step into the Demand generation process. 

What reports will I get?

  1. Profile visibility increase graph
  2. Weekly campaign summary  
  3. Detailed profile list from ongoing campaigns.  

Peep into a sample dashboard here. 

Types of campaigns?

  1. Warming up: 
  2. Warming up + Follow my page 
  3. Warming up + Get me the lead

Campaign time frame?

Three months is the minimum time frame for an optimized result.  Continuously running the ‘Warm Hop’ campaigns will bring the most beneficial effects. 

How to start?

  1. Use any of the links on this page and proceed to buy the service. 
  2. We will provide a “campaign intake form” for submitting info. 
  3. Please provide us with the details Ideal customer profile & Buyer persona for prospect filtering. 
  4. We will need access to your LinkedIn account (premium/sales navigator account recommended)

About Frog Jump

Frog Jump is a proud launch from iPOTT. iPOTT is a Martech (Marketing Technology) services company, providing Knowledge & Advisory services for marketing in the Digital World.

Frog jump is a series of services focusing on the most critical aspect of any business; Demand Generation & Lead Generation. Frog jumps are bit and byte services that will help you take your first hop, jump, or leap. Frog Jumps will enable move prospects from suspects to leads.  

increase 'brand recall.'

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