Part 1-How do you sell your wheel?

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, way back in the days of the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt, there lived a guy named Max.

One day, Max was travelling on business,  and he heard about the big Pyramid that was under construction — it was the largest stone structure ever attempted in the history of the world.

So he went and saw from distance was the sloping foundations of what would someday be the very first Pyramid. And everywhere Max looked, he saw thousands of sweaty workers cutting big, heavy stones with hammers and chisels, and then dragging the huge stones into place. To move the heaviest of stones, they had elephants, dozens of them, but even with the help of elephants, the work was hot, backbreaking, and slow.

Man, it’s going to take them forever to build this thing, thought Max.

When Max got home, he couldn’t stop thinking about that huge Pyramid and all those workers dragging the stones around. One day he had the most brilliant idea he’d ever had in his life.

So he went downstairs to the workshop he had in a spare room at the back of his house and he started his work.

Years later, after many disappointments and failures, Max had done it. He had turned his idea into a real thing. Very proud of his accomplishment, he rolled it out of the workshop and into the kitchen to show his wife.

“It’s the Wheel!” said Max.

“People won’t have to drag things the way they always have. With the aid of the Wheel, you see, heavy objects can be made to roll. The Wheel is going to make it possible to move things much more quickly — and with far less effort! People will get more work done in less time!”

“Millions of people all over the world will use the Wheel. “

He built more and more Wheels.  He then builds the Axle.

He felt “ Wheel is a brilliant invention! One does not have to sell brilliant inventions; brilliant inventions sell themselves!”

But they didn’t.

“I can’t believe it!” Max lamented. “Here I come up with what might possibly be one of the greatest inventions ever, and nobody wants it!”

“There are millions of people in the world. Surely some of them must have a use for the Wheel.”

“But how do I find them? And if I find them, how do I sell it to them?”

How are you selling your Wheel? How do you find your prospects?

Here is a good read on finding your prospects. Where’s Waldo?



(courtesy: Selling the wheel)

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