You can follow the wheel story here… ( Max walked into the room where the Quarry owner was seated. He was sure of his sale this time.   He started the conversation with the value statement. ” I want to discuss an opportunity which can increase your revenue.” He got their attention. ✳️Max learned from his […]

PART 6 – Potential customers are not Ideal customers

Are you following the wheel story? ( Max felt his confidence crumble. It was shocking that the Mentor asked him the same question ‘who is your customer’.  After his setback with the builders, Max assigned the failure to sell, to two attributes.   One, ‘the pyramid builder’ is not the right choice; another builder would surely be […]

Part 3 – It’s not always answers that bring clarity; sometimes great questions do.

The Wheel is an important invention.  (Read here..) And wheels do have competition. (Read here..) Max thought for a moment, “my competition would be the animals that carry loads, strong men and the vast platforms, i.e. sledges.”   The Wheel does have several competitors. Now for some critical questions.  1.      ‘why should someone buy a wheel instead […]