Part 2 – If everyone is your customer, then no one is…

The Wheel is an important invention. 

(you have to read the previous post before you read this one..more

Everyone needs a wheel. So why didn’t the sale happen? Max was puzzled.  He went to meet a mentor and explained how wheels had a great future, yet he could not sell to anyone.

The mentor gave Max the bitter, plain truth; ‘people were just fine without the Wheel, for millions of years.  The world does not need a wheel.’

Max was shocked. The mentor added ‘at least, not as yet’ then asked Max a fundamental question.

‘Who are your potential customers?’

Max felt it was apparent, “everyone.”

Not really. 

Maybe someday, but definitely not today. People may need multiple wheels in future. But for today? For the next few months? Who is more likely to become a customer in the immediate future?

The ‘who is your customer’ question can be answered with another question, ‘who is your competition?’

Max thought it was funny and said, ‘no competition; I invented the wheel.’

“Everyone does; everything has a competition,” said the mentor “your closest competition is the existing mechanism, the technology that is currently in place. The competition is all the different ways of moving things from one place to another”

Max got into his thinking mode.  

So who exactly is your competition & who is more likely to become a customer? 

If everyone is your customer, then no one is…

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