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Max walked into the room where the Quarry owner was seated. He was sure of his sale this time.  

He started the conversation with the value statement. ” I want to discuss an opportunity which can increase your revenue.” He got their attention.

✳️Max learned from his Mentor that getting the prospect’s attention within the first 60 seconds is crucial. ✳️

The Quarry owner asked, “So what are you selling to me?”

Max immediately said, ” That is not important right now, I am thrilled to see the way your quarry is functioning, and I wanted to understand more about your business.”

They discussed for hours. Max gathered a lot of information about the business and the smooth functioning of the Quarry.  Max was ready to pitch his innovation at the end of the conversation about the quarry business.  

Mas asked, “I am amazed to see the quality of finishes your slabs have; you can sell far and wide” “Why are you not selling your stones to the pyramid construction site?”

“I would love to” continued the Quarry owner, “But it is practically not possible. The site is too far away, and the expenses to drag the stones to the site will be very high. Far too many resources are required. We could even get elephants, but we will not be able to match the price of the competitor.”

Now is the time, thought Max, “What I have to offer you will change the game for you”, said Max. “I can give you the power to move your stones to the pyramid or any other place quickly and cost-effectively.”

“A flying carpet”, laughed the Quarry owner. All others around him shared the joke. Max laughed too, and said, “It is far more effective, practical, simple, and you can use it as many times you wish.” “You can now do all business you wished for and dreamed off.” 

“Really? So what is it?” 

Max, at this point, felt describing the Wheel would not make an impact. He beamed. “I will show it to you because you have to see it to believe it,” said Max “we will meet precisely at the same time tomorrow.”

Max rushed to get ready for his demo.  He planned every move. He not only wanted it to be entertaining but also compelling.   

👉This demo will be the ‘reason to buy for the quarry owner. 

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