PART 6 – Potential customers are not Ideal customers

Are you following the wheel story? (

Max felt his confidence crumble. It was shocking that the Mentor asked him the same question ‘who is your customer’. 

After his setback with the builders, Max assigned the failure to sell, to two attributes.  

One, ‘the pyramid builder’ is not the right choice; another builder would surely be his potential customer.  

Second, he must learn some sales techniques or hire a good salesperson to sell to the ‘builders’. 

But his Mentor’s questions killed both the options.  

If not the builders, then who? Max recollected ‘”My potential customers are people who want to move heavy to very heavy stuff faster, easier and cheaper.”

Why is this wrong? 

He looked at his Mentor for support. His Mentor smiled and said, ‘Max, the builders are your potential customers, but are they your IDEAL CUSTOMERS?’

Max was a bit irritated. ‘Is there a difference? Potential and ideal customers are builders, in my view.’ 

The Mentor said, ‘You have to identify your potential customers to get to your ideal customers. Potential customers are easy to identify, but ideal customers you have to make serious efforts’

Max now lost patience ‘All the efforts till date is wasted? I still can’t sell. Who is my ideal customer now?’

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