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Max was all set to find his Ideal Customer in the Faraway land. He was ready to tick his checklist of B/RTB/WBN against the Prospects. He now knows what to look for… 

He revisited the Pyramids, but this time with a keen eye.  

✅He studied the number of pyramids coming up. 
✅The phase at which the work is progressing.  
✅The number of stones/slabs moved by each strong man. 
✅The total number of men working around each Pyramid.
✅How many hours does each man work?

He was very proud of himself, looking at the data he collected. He noticed the Officers responsible for building the pyramids were watching him. He waved at them with a smile. They noded, recognising him, with a “what a waste of time” look.  

Max was happy that the Officers remembered him because of his innovation “the Wheel”.  

Max then moved further away from the Pyramids. He wandered, studying the places, people and what they were selling. (What we term as a Market Survey in today’s world).  

He noticed a group of ‘strong men’ getting back from work one day. Max assumed they were from the Pyramid site. It is a long way from home, he thought. He got into a conversation with them.  

“How is the Pyramid construction going on?” he asked.  

“What Pyramid?” they exclaimed. Max was surprised. He had assumed only Pyramid building needed very strong men in large numbers.  

“Where do you all work? What do you do?” inquired Max. 

“The Quarry,” one of them said, “We work at the quarry.”

A quarry is typically a large, deep pit from which stone or other materials are extracted.

Max spoke to them and realised that the Quarry extracted stones and supplied them to nearby landowners and even the Pharaoh to construct houses, barns & the Palace.  

Max decided to visit the Quarry the next day. He walked with the strong men and reached the large Quarry, the largest he has seen to date. He watched the strong men break the rocks, cut them into smaller pieces. Some of the big rocks were made into slabs.  

✳️Max knew without a doubt, ‘he found his ideal customer’. He was willing to jump with joy.  ✳️

Max was ready to pitch his innovation. He knew the benefits (B), the Reason to Buy (RTB), and the Why buy Now (WBN/CTA) for the Quarry owner.  

Max requested a time and walked into the Tent of the Quarry owner with a smile and full of confidence. 

❓What, according to Max, is the “reason to buy” from the perspective of the Quarry Owner?
❓Will Max make his first sale?
❓Has he got the RTB & WBN, right? 

What do you think are the “reasons to buy” from your customer perspective?

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