PART 8 – What are the B, RTB & CTA for your product?

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It was time for Max to find his ideal customer. He sat down to work on the list of Prospects. He took out his previous list and added an “objection” against them.  

1️⃣ Farmers – they need to move a lot of mud, dirt, produce and all kinds of things from one place to another. The Wheel was beneficial to them. But they could not afford it. Even if they take a loan and buy a wheel, the returns will not make up for spending, for time infinite. The ROI for the farmers was not appealing. 

2️⃣ Caravans – (In ancient days, a caravan was a group of merchants, pilgrims, or travellers journeying together, usually for mutual protection in deserts or other hostile regions.) The Wheel was not tested for uneven surfaces, water etc. The Caravans were not convinced of the utility.

3️⃣ Builders – (like those building pyramids) those in the construction business. The builders could see the utility and understand the ROI, but Max could not give them a reason to buy (at least immediately). 

Max did not delete the above three prospects from his list. He knew someday they would have the motivation to buy. But not now. He realised a few other aspects in the process. 

His prospects were –

✅ People he knew – Farmers from his neighbourhood
✅ Caravans whom he has heard of – from other villagers. 
✅ Builders – whom he had seen during his travel

Max’s prospect list was based on his limited understanding of the market. Max did not explore beyond the known. Max tied to fit all his product benefits into the prospects known to him.  

He now realised the last few months of his “attempt to sell” has given him new insights. He sat down to see how he could use his newly acquired knowledge to ‘identify his ideal customer and make a sale.’

He went to his Mentor to share what he had learnt.  

✳️ All benefits are not equal. 
✳️ Benefits alone are not motivators
✳️ Exploring the entire market is a must before you start to sell. (market research) 

He beamed and looked for acknowledgement. His Mentor smiled back. 

His Mentor said, ‘You are very close; I will sum it up for you. Three factors are essential to close a sale once you reach out to your ideal customer. The B, the RTB & CTA.

⭐ B – Benefits specific to the ideal customer
⭐ RTB – Reason/s to buy from the customer perspective
⭐ WBN / CTA – Why buy now, i.e., Call to action (in today’s world)

Once you approach your ideal customer with specific answers to the above three questions, you will close a sale.’

Max planned another trip to the faraway land, not just the Pyramid, but all its places. He was very sure the IDEAL CUSTOMER for the Wheel would be identified during this trip.

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