Part 5- Customers don’t buy what you sell…

Max was sure that “the builders” were the potential customers for his new innovation, “the WHEEL”. (follow the wheel story here

He travelled to the faraway land of Egypt with his WHEEL. His happiness knew no bounds. Weeks later, he arrived at the construction site of the first Pyramid. He saw thousands of men moving big cut stones and lots of huge stones waiting to be moved. 

He was very sure these workers would love to use his ‘Wheel’. He approached the workers and explained and demonstrated the Wheel. The workers were happy to see the Wheel but more pleased to take a break. 

Max knew he had convinced the workers (who would be the users of the Wheel) about his new technology. 

Then came along the supervisor, who was annoyed with Max for disturbing the work in progress. Max started to explain the use of the Wheel and wanted to demonstrate it.  

‘Look, I have a lot to get done from these workers. I have deadlines to keep. So..’ the supervisor walked away. 

Max thought he was foolish. 

Max wandered around the construction site and found the Officer responsible for Purchasing.  

Max waited for a very long time to get in front of the Officer. 

Max explained the Wheel. 

The Officer was rather annoyed ‘ you are talking about moving large items from place to place; we have powerful men who drag it. I don’t need that invention of yours.’  

‘And we have been using strong men from times known. And things are fine,’ reasoned the Officer.  

Max made a last try ‘, but wheels are the future…’

‘fine, lets meet in the future’ concluded the Officer. 

Max could not sell his Wheel. He was tired & confused. He was sure that the builders were his best bet over the farmers and caravan. What went wrong? 

He returned home to his wife. ‘after inventing the Wheel, I thought all I had to do was show how it works, and everyone would buy. I had no idea it was this hard. And what do we do next?’

So he went back to his mentor.

His mentor listened to his journey and asked him, ‘So Max, now tell me, “ who is your customer”?’

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