Any Jimmy McGill (Saul Goodman) fans out here?

I dislike his unconventional (sometimes illegal) ways of selling, but he can sell anything to anyone without a doubt. On one occasion, he puts up a sign on his store that says, 

👉” We sell privacy here.”  

And guess what he was selling? 

Keep guessing…

Now for the Wheel story, Max was all set for the demo. (you can follow the wheel story here… (

The next day, the Quarry owner and his entire team gathered to see what Max had to display.

Max had arranged two wheels with an axel for the demo. But he had the whole arrangement covered to have a grand opening. 

And also a race.

There were two teams, each standing next to huge rocks that needed to be moved. The Teams will move the rocks across till the finish line.

Team A moved the rocks as per the existing practice – tied ropes and dragged them across the ground. 

Team B will move the stone using the innovation of MAX – the Wheel.  To add to the excitement, Max added more rocks to Team B.

The result was as expected. Team B finished the race much ahead of Team A.  Team A covered 10% of the distance when Team B Finished the race.

The crowd watched with a WOW, having not seen anything like the Wheel in their lives before.  

The quarry owner could not believe his eyes.  He came closer and examined every part of the Wheel and asked Max dozens of questions. 

Max knew that he had given the query owner a “reason to buy”.  🎉🎈

✅Max has managed to sell him an “opportunity”!!✅

Now it’s time to give him a “why buy now” reason. He was ready with it. 

Do you still sell wheels to your prospects? Don’t! 

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