Part 3 – It’s not always answers that bring clarity; sometimes great questions do.

The Wheel is an important invention.  (Read here..)

And wheels do have competition. (Read here..)

Max thought for a moment, “my competition would be the animals that carry loads, strong men and the vast platforms, i.e. sledges.”  

The Wheel does have several competitors.

Now for some critical questions. 

1.      ‘why should someone buy a wheel instead of sticking to your competition.’
2.      ‘why would the Wheel be an alternative to the animals or strong men’
3.      ‘What does the wheel do better than your competition or the available alternatives.’

Max proudly said

·        “my Wheel moves things a lot faster
·        It makes work a lot easier
·        The same result can be obtained at a lesser cost
·        You don’t need as many animals or men to move things.”

“Yes, the wheels give an opportunity to move things and do things that could never be done before the Wheel.”

Max felt a surge in energy. “I am actually selling an “opportunity” and not a wheel.”

Now, back to the very first question,

‘who is your customer.’

Max now beamed. “My customers are people who would grab the opportunity to move heavy to very heavy stuff faster, easier and cheaper.”

Max suddenly stopped. “when I say people, who exactly are they.”

It’s not always answers that bring clarity; sometimes great questions do. 


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