PART 7 – Your Top 5 Sales Objections!!

Yes, the Wheel is a revolution. No one doubts that. (are you following the wheel story? (

But Max could not sell it; he had many hurdles. Technically they are called ‘objections’ in the selling process. 

1. The competition is an established technology. i.e. the conventional way of doing things.  

2. People do not want to change, at least voluntarily. 

3. No one understood how to use a Wheel. That means the benefit from a wheel was not recognised.  Everyone knows what to do with fruits.  Everyone knows how to ride a camel.  But no one knew how to use a wheel. 

👉 Max had tried to give away a FREE wheel to every enthusiastic individual who wanted to pay later or who did not have enough money to pay. He imagined that since it is free, these people will use it, understand its benefits and share the story with the whole world.  

One day, one person returned the Wheel after a few days saying, ” It didn’t suit my drawing room” Max was shocked 😲. The person said, ” I looked at its shape, and it was perfect for my home as a coffee table. But later realised it did not match my carpet, so here it is, please take it back”. 

Max stopped giving away FREE Wheels. 

4. The Wheel had a learning curve; no one was ready to invest time to learn.

5. The Wheel was ahead of time, according to the market.  

👉 Using a wheel to move stuff is not what the market is used to. People used camels, horses, elephants and strong men to move things. Max got a ‘suggestion’ from a very well known salesperson.  

He said, ” Max, to sell your Wheel, you should first sell what people are willing to buy. Think of it, if you had men with strong backs and hands and outsourced them to the builders, as and when needed, they would be more than willing to give you a contract. Imagine this, you can add as many men you want on your rolls, then from the profits, you can buy horses, camel or even elephants”. 

Max asked, ” And what about my wheel?”

“Surely, we can persuade the existing clients to buy the wheels at minimum cost.” He said, “This way, you have revenue, and you are also selling your Wheel.”

6. Market wanted changes to the Wheel.  

A potential customer wanted to buy the Wheel but wanted it modified according to his needs. The Wheel needed redesign, combined with other components and then it may be worthwhile. 

Max could not sell his “wheels” to make the long story short. 

But he was learning a lot in the process 👍  

Max now had a list of “objections” for his product “The Wheel”.  

He, in fact, made a beautiful document on the objections and his response.  


Despite all this, he still did not find the answer to the most important question asked by his Mentor – “who is your customer, i.e. the IDEAL CUSTOMER❓


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