Part 4 – Will he sell his wheels?

Are you following Max  & the Wheel Story?

Max sat down to list out all his potential customers. All those who need to move lots of heavy things faster, easier and cheaper than they do now.

  1. Farmers – they need to move a lot of mud, dirt, produce and all kinds of things from one place to another
  2. Caravans – (In ancient days, a caravan was a group of merchants, pilgrims, or travellers journeying together, usually for mutual protection in deserts or other hostile regions.)

Max was very excited to and imagined all the Caravans buying wheels.

  • Builders – (like those building pyramids) those who are in the construction business.

Max exclaimed, “I will now sell wheels and make a fortune.”

His wife joined him in his excitement but asked him a question? 

‘Whom will you approach first?”

Max said, “Of course, the Farmers, they are near me.  The caravans come once in a while to our city.  And the Builders are far away in Egypt.”

He then paused ‘, but the farmers around here don’t have much money, not all of them.  Which means not all farmers are potential customers.’

‘And the caravans go over mountains and deserts.  My wheels work best on level grounds’

Max realized that ‘the builders will make the best customers’.  He decided to take the long trip to Egypt to meet his potential customers. 

He also realized the importance of the question “who is your customer”.

He was happy that he got the answer.  He knew his potential customers.  And now he can sell his Wheels.

Will he?

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